Navigations of a globalizing Chad: Nomadic Walad Djifir grounded in connectivity

Based in central Chad, the Walad Djifir are part of extensive socio-economic networks, ranging from very local cattle markets, to Western Unions in Libya, and selling merchandise in the Central African Republic.

Quand l’entreprenariat est une source d’épanouissement

– Max-Landry Kassaï, 19 juillet 2017 (précédemment publié le 24 mai 2017) Après la crise déclenchée en 2013, plus de 2,3 million de personnes dont 460000 déplacés internes, continuent à faire face aux défis de la faim, de l’absence de moyens d’existence et d’opportunité. L’EtatRead More

Mon retour au pays

– Max-Landry Kassaï, 29 May 2017 C’était pour moi un grand ouf de rentrer au pays, car j’en avais assez des tracasseries du refuge. J’étais rentré un soir vers 18 heures, au moment où le pays commençait à se remettre peu à peu de la crise laRead More

Paper – Mobile pastoralists in Central and West Africa: Between conflict, mobile telephony and (im)mobility

CTD project leader Mirjam de Bruijn, PhD researchers Adamou Amadou and Boukary Sangaré, and associate PhD researcher Elie Lewa Doksala wrote the paper ‘Mobile pastoralists in Central and West Africa: between conflict, mobile telephony and (im)mobility’ for The Future of Pastoralism, Revue scientifique et technique (InternationalRead More

Prof. dr. Mirjam de Bruijn

Mirjam de Bruijn is an anthropologist whose work has a clearly interdisciplinary character with a preference for contemporary history and cultural studies. She focuses on the interrelationship between agency, marginality, mobility, communication and technology. Mirjam is an Africanist with a focus on West and Central Africa. She did,Read More

Dr. Jonna Both

Jonna Both started working in March 2015 as a postdoctoral  researcher within the VICI project ‘Connecting in Times of Duress’ of professor Mirjam de Bruijn. For her BA she studied African Languages and Cultures at Leiden University from 2003-2006 and specialized in African History. She also followed a fewRead More

Inge Butter MA

Inge Butter started her PhD research project in March 2011. The objective of this research is to gain an understanding of the reasons and ways in which Chadians (re)construct their identities while finding a means of belonging to the (insecure) society around them. The focusRead More

Inge Ligtvoet MA

Inge Ligtvoet studied African Studies at Leiden University. She graduated in 2011 with her thesis ‘Fear and Faith: Uncertainty, misfortune and spiritual insecurity in Calabar, Nigeria’. She carried out research in Calabar during a seven month fieldwork period in 2010-2011. The thesis addresses the phenomenonRead More

Boukary Sangaré MA

Soutint en 2010 un mémoire de maîtrise en anthropologie à la Faculté de Lettres, Arts et Sciences Humaines (FLASH) de l’Université de Bamako. Son travail de recherche intitulé : « Peuls et mobilité dans le Hayré : l’espace social et la téléphonie mobile en question »Read More

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