About the author: Max-Landry Kassaï

Born in 1990 in Bangui (Central African Republic), Max holds a master degree in public law and international relations of the University of Bangui. He is passionate about writing and has done internships in local journals in Bangui, as well as in the Congolese radio in Kinshasa. The 2013 crisis forced Max to leave the country. After more than a year as a refugee in Congo, he decided to return to his country. He nowadays lives in Bangui and has a daughter. In his blog “Le Chroniqueur Centrafricain” Max analyses the political, social and economic life of the Centrafricain people. He also shares his experiences during the conflicts that have shaken his country. Max is currently writing a book.

Starting from February 2017, his blog will be shared on the website of Connecting in Times of Duress. See also: lechroniqeurcentrafricain.over-blog.com

Photo: Catherina Wilson