Lucia Ragazzi

Freelance editor/ journalist Lucia Ragazzi joined the CTD conference in N’Djaména, Tchad (25-28 October 2017), as editor of the liveblog and social media reporter. She completed this project in November 2017, turning the liveblog into an (audiovisual) report of and reflection on the conference.

Lucia holds a Master’s degree in Relations and Institutions of Africa and Asia, with a strong focus on African Studies from an interdisciplinary approach. In 2016, she graduated with honours and wrote her thesis on homophobia in South Africa, for which she did fieldwork in Cape Town.

Lucia assisted Mirjam de Bruijn and Brill Publishers in developing the online publication “Bridging Humanities – Platform for Alternative Methodologies” at Voice4Thought. She is currently part of the editorial board.

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