Introduction to the CTD theme by CTD the project leader Mirjam de Bruijn

After the official opening of the CTD conference, the CTD project leader Mirjam de Bruijn opened the academic programme with an introduction to the theme of the research programme Connecting in Times of Duress, that in the last five years explored how the introduction of ICTs changes patterns of communication and information flows where people live in duress.

Mirjam explained the aims of the project, the choice of the field, the results, and the difficulties that raised by working on a region as diverse as Middle Africa. She also highlighted that the project, that studied the impact of ICTs on social dynamics of mobility and duress, changed radically following the evolution of the same communication technologies that were a variable of the project itself – a feature that shaped the project as an adventure in constant evolution.

Mirjam guided the audience through the main concepts of the project: Duress, Connectivity, Mobility, as well as the methodology used by the project.

Here you can find a synthetic presentation of the CTD programme by Mirjam de Bruijn (PDF) 


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