About the CTD blogs

CTD team members Mirjam de Bruijn, Catherina Wilson, and Inge Ligtvoet have a personal blog, making it possible to follow them during and after their fieldwork. This ‘blogs’ page on the CTD website features links to these blogs, as well as news about (and links to) guest blogs by CTD researchers on external websites.

Mirjam de Bruijn – Counter Voices in Africa

Catherina Wilson – Rumours on the Ubangui

Inge Ligtvoet – Divine Connections

The section ‘Central Africa Now’ on this website features blogs by associate journalists from the region, notably Rapportage de N’Djaména by Deuhb Emmanuel Zyzou and Le Chroniquer Centreafricain by Max-Landry Kassaï.

African Present features blogs from the region by a variety of authors, including blogs by CTD researchers Boukary Sangaré, Adamou Amadou, Inge Butter and by CTD master student Fiona Dragstra.

For the live blog of the CTD conference in N’Djaména (25-28 October 2017) click here.